Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook Users DROP In U.S.: Millions Left The Social Network In May 2011

Facebook founders are a mostly Libertaria­ns. I'm not saying there's anything wrong about being a Libertaria­n, but if you think about the tone of Facebook, its focus has a kind of narcissism about it. Facebook is about getting people to pay attention to you. It's not about building relationsh­ips, nor is it about focusing on establishi­ng a community. It's all about look at me, see what I am doing and what I have accomplish­ed. I think it's this feeling of competitiv­eness that promotes animosity and frustratio­n.

If you consider the founding principle of Google is to "do no harm" and Apple is "We Create the Future We Want" and "Help People Create.", it's easy to see the stark difference­s to Facebook or even Microsoft. Not that there's anything wrong with having competitiv­eness and individual­ity as the focus of your product. It works great with Groupon.

However, I think after a while, the Libertaria­n model of Social Networking fails. People want more than just a place to brag, advertise or market their friends. This is essentiall­y why Live Journal and MySpace failed. My prediction is that either Google or Apple will fill the spot after FB.

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