Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tysabri Day

It's Tysabri day .. Once a month, I have to sit in a hospital version of a La-Z-Boy recliner and watch a thick, yellow liquid pumped into my veins for an hour, then wait another hour as the nurses make sure I don't die from the drug. Of course, I'm being a bit dramatic; it's not nearly as bad as I make it out to be. Actually, the nurses here at Sunrise are very nice and the side effects are (so far) pretty mild.

Hopefully this medication makes my MS bearable through the summer.The worst part are all the unbearable noises from the other patients - gurgling coughs, sneezes, burps and loud snoring. Not to mention the cell phone conversations as some dude thinks the infusion center is his own personal office away from the office.

Had a conversation with SageMax yesterday. It was almost surreal. I recorded the whole thing and I think I'll put it up on YouTube as soon as I edit out all the on-hold music. Quite frankly though, I like to see if SageMax does the right thing and just refunds the money as offered in their contract. If they do the right thing, I'm just going to drop the whole matter and forget that SageMax or B&H exist.

So, I think I will work on my story for a bit - already have around 20k and then maybe I'll throw an orange at this guy snoring loudly in the other chair.

*** UPDATE - nothing like catching a cancer patient, still hooked up to their chemo smoking in the men's restroom. Really, you can't wait a couple of hours before lighting up a ciggie? And to think these people are allowed to vote.

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