Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Over Update

Not EIMB, the school year is over. Las Vegas just went back to a nine month schedule so now is the start of summer vacation. Already the temperature here is going to break 100, that's almost 40 degrees Celsius for those who live in rational countries.

I am trying to keep the garden alive under these conditions. So far, I've lost around five plants and three are not looking so good. However the tomatoes are loving the sun and growing like weeds.

You may have noticed that some ad-banners have been added to EIMB. It's not been much of a success, but that's okay. I'm doing it more for experimentation than anything else. Anyone who claims they can teach you to make millions from the web is just lying.

I had a friend who was desperate for money. His family was in dire financial straights. So, he goes to this seminar, where for just six hundred dollars and fifty dollars a month, they'll teach you how to sell their merchandise on the Internet. He ended up losing all his money, when the company declared bankruptcy eight months later.

Gather round my loyal EIMB citizens. Questions you should ask yourself if someone claims they can make you rich.

  1. Why do they need you? If the business is making so much money then why involve you in the process? What do you bring to the table other than your life savings?
  2. If the business is making so much money then why do they need to sell the idea, book, DVD, etc ..?
  3. If they want money then don't walk away, run away.
  4. Cash is King. Don't do any work until the check is in the bank. Actually makes sure the bank clears the check.
I've worked for several millionaires and one billionaire and I can tell you without exception that rich people hate other people making money. Rich people don't want you to be rich. They like you poor and desperate.

Many times the services these type of companies charge outrageous fees for, you can do for free. For instance, Google offers Blogger - blogging service for free. That's right - EIMB empire runs on a budget of around thirty bucks a year, most of that going to maintain the web address.

Here is my (uneducated) financial advice. Put your money in a too-big-to-fail bank, preferably in a CD or savings account. If you're going to invest in the stock market, purchase a no-load mutual fund. And don't get caught up in this Gold Standard scam. It's fine to have a few gold coins on hand, just in case, but no more than a thousand dollars.

I want you to prosper my loyal EIMB citizens - so that you may continue to click on my little advertisements. Maybe one day I will earn the minimum ten dollars necessary to get a check from Google.

Disclosure - I have absolutely no knowledge on how to invest money - NONE. If you want to know what to do with your money ask your bank, find a good, qualified financial investor or accountant. All I'm saying is be conservative with your money.

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