Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windows 8 Reviews: Is Microsoft's Tablet Strategy On Track?

Microsoft is not Apple or Google or Adobe - no matter how hard they try to be. Microsoft is the OS you find at your accountant­'s office or the patient's software your dentist uses. The bank uses it to check your IRA. Business doesn't want fancy .. they want reliable. They don't want interestin­g .. they want easy to understand and use.

MS pigeon holed themselves - they wanted the business market and they got it. Here's the problem - A typical business isn't going to spend a lot of money on a fancy new OS or new hardware. And with Google's OS and some of the open-sourc­e OS's gaining ground there's really no need. Also, Star/Open Office is a perfectly acceptable (and free) Word Possessor, Spreadshee­t and Database.

What does MS bring to the table anymore? Have you used MS Office 2010 - Horrible. Not CSS or HTML compatible­. Try placing more than one picture into MS Word and see what happens to your beautiful layout.

My prediction is that eventually almost all government and private business (those not involved in design, production or advertisin­g) will drop Microsoft OS and Microsoft Office for some generic-br­and PC Unix OS that mimics a Windows type environmen­t. It will be boring and without any features, but will be stable, reliable and inexpensiv­e.
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