Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rock Art

I finally transferred the pictures from the little netbook and soon realized that I should have taken more. I guess I'm still taking pictures like my old film days, conserving each precious shot. Have to get my mind into the new century of digital.

Here are some pictures from a rock wall filled with indigenous petroglyphs. 

Click on the picture to zoom.

As I traveled through Utah, I noticed many of the petroglyphs vandalized or desecrated. Also, there seemed to be very little information about the indigenous tribes of the region. Full disclosure - I only traveled up the I-15 so that may change when I go into eastern Utah.

Have no idea how long these have been vandalized
I only took a few pictures of the desecration of these sites. The picture above is one of the least destructive. Quite frankly it bummed me out too much. 

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