Code of Conduct

I make such a pitifully small amount of revenue from this site that it has been operating at a profit loss since its inception. All of which means, I don't do this for the money. EiMBE is a hobby.

Advertising and Merchandising Code of Conduct

  • Elvis in My Basement contains advertising. When a reader clicks on any advertising on this site, it generates a small amount of revenue for me.
  • Reader's email addresses and personal information are sacred. I would NEVER sell or trade my readers' emails or other personal information. Currently, I use Google Blogger to keep all my information safe. I am NOT responsible for hacking or pirating of my site. The world is a terrible place.
  • The Amazon Deal Widget on the right hand side is linked to my account. If reader purchases anything from that link, I make a small amount of revenue.
  • If there is a hyperlink that leads back to Amazon and a reader purchases that item, I receive a small amount of revenue.
  • I have two ways to donate money directly - PayPal and Google. If a reader donates money, then I use that money to enhance and maintain this site. I leave open the option to use the money however I please however at this time donated money is NOT used for personal profit, but goes directly into the EiMB business.
  • I will fully disclose if I have any financial interests or benefits, when recommending a product or service. If there is no disclosure, then it means I have NO financial interest or benefit
  • I will disclose if I have not used, read or viewed any product or service that I am recommending.
  • From time to time, I ask my readers to donate money to a charity. I make NO money or have any financial benefit when I promote a charity - like the Red Cross or St. Jude Children's Hospital.
  • I operate a few stores that sell items I've designed or created. When a reader purchases an item from one of my stores, I make generate revenue. Unfortunately, as with EiMB these stores have so far operated at a loss.
  • I try to be as honest and straightforward as I can about recommendations - both positive and negative. If I don't like something, then that means I've used it and I'm expressing my honest feelings. The same goes if I make a positive comment - most likely I've used it extensively and like it.
  • I will try to make a full disclosure in the article if there is any question as to motivation or conflict of interest.

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