Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hackers Lulzsec Say Sony Pictures Attacked, 1 Million Users Compromised (UPDATE)

A few days ago I timidly turned on my Sony PS3 again and signed in. I couldn't find all the free fantastic stuff Sony promised us when they totally lost any sense of profession­alism, but I did not expect Sony to ever understand what a customer is - let alone how to treat one. And then yesterday, I get this message that network was down due to maintenanc­e. I thought to myself, there's no way this has happened again.

I figured that Sony must have fired all those people who filled in their resume with crayon and got some real college graduate programers and system designers. How is is possible when you know there's a problem - that you are aware there are hackers in your system - you even know where the flaw are ... that your QA department can't even know that you're still vulnerable­?

It would be one thing if Sony still had not turned on the network and said something like .. we still haven't got it fixed .. but to go down for weeks, the go up and only a couple weeks after for the exact same reason crash again. is just well ... I hate to say this .. and actually I owe this guy some money for losing a bet. Microsoft Xbox is superior. There I've said it .. now I'm going to go cry -- in the corner by myself.

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