Monday, June 27, 2011

Wrestling Kirks

Two Kirks in an epic arms battle

This picture makes me happy. It's the sort of happiness that happens when something occurs that's really awesome in a nerdy sort of way and has none of the marketing trappings.

Apparently, the two Kirks saw each other at some outdoor mall. Eyeing each other, they slowly sat down on a bench and without a word began to arm wrestle. Probably none of this is true .. but I want to believe it and so for today. This is how it happened.

Something completely different. All my pictures of Utah are on my little netbook and I can't find my USB drive. I will transfer the pictures over (one way or another) and start posting them today. That is if I can get over this incredible headache.

 Another meeting of kings with capes, I hope is not Photoshopped. 

Elvis and Vader - who is the greater?

Take care good citizens of EiMB.

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