Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fleeing to Sin

It is 9:45 AM here is the glorious city of Nephi, Utah. I discovered the only night life in Nephi begins shortly before sunrise when the tractors start up and the seagulls begin screeching. Yes, there are seagulls here. I will try to take a picture of two. They're skittish creatures.

The room here at the Economy Lodge was alright - it was clean and comfortable and owned by and Indian family who lived in room 104. I don't know why I am surprised by this but I am. The only thing that concerned me was the shampoo which comes in this little tiny packet marked only "Made in India", with no ingredients. There was no slit in the top so you had rip it open with your teeth, inevitably squirting a tiny amount in your mouth. Oh course, my brain has now worked over the consequences of this a million times.

So, I am heading out now. Maybe taking some pictures on the way back, maybe just hooking up some Elvis and just zipping through Utah like a sober version of  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

***UPDATE*** - The pain has finally caught up with me. It hit around ten miles out of Nephi. My leg just caught on fire and right arm went numb. Neck and back locked up. I am home now. Got some good meds in me and crashing on the sofa. I will post a full Utah account a little later perhaps .. 

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