Friday, June 17, 2011

My Own Little Contrail or Falcon Blackswift on the Move

So I was working out in the garden. Just pulling a few weeds, before heat of the sun  knocked out my legs, when I heard this strange sound - like a soft drum. I looked up and saw a lovely contrail. Luckily, I had my camera near me, so I took a couple of shots.
Hypersonic contrail with normal jet following behind. Copyright 2011 Cram
This is a closeup of the contrail and the colors have been enhanced via Photoshop. It looks like doughnuts on a string

Optical zoom on contrail. Copyright 2011 Cram

I looked up the particular type of contrail this is and I think I got a good picture of the hypersonic UAV plane called Falcon Blackswift (sounds like a superhero). As you can see from the pictures the experimental plane is being tailed by a normal jet.

**UPDATE** - I've done some investigating on this subject and there have been a few reports that this particular type of contrail is a normal jet exhaust. However, as you can see in the picture there is a normal looking contrail right next to the doughnut one.

When the incident occurred, I looked up and the doughnut contrail was half way across the sky with a tiny triangle spec creating it. It was traveling much faster than, I've seen most military aircraft travel in this area. Following behind the doughnut was a normal military jet. I'm going to guess it was an F-18 Hornet, cause I could barely make out the twin tail.

Full disclosure here --> My eyes aren't as good as they used to be because of MS. MS can definitely produce erroneous artifacts in vision.

So two contrails in the exact same atmospheric conditions producing two radically different effects. I'm thinking it was much more likely there were two different engines involved. Just saying ..

You can read the doubter's article here ----> Doughnuts on a String - Sorry

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Read more about it here ---> And Still I Persist.
Here's a video of the plane ---> YouTube Aurora

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