Sunday, June 19, 2011

Up and Down the Mountain.

Yesterday, my bother invited my daughter and me up to the his cabin in Utah. The cabin sit at around 9,300 feet and is near Cedar City. The snow had just melted a couple of weeks ago and although there were patches of snow left, it was warm and everything was just starting to bloom.

My brother had to get the cabin ready for the summer which meant, turning on the generator, getting the water supply ready and making sure there were no leaks. Also to check for any invading critters.

My Brother's Cabin
The little pond was overflowing from winter melted snow
All kinds of cabins - this one was converted from a trailer.
Broken down outhouse - use at your own risk.
The video bellow is on our way down from the cabin. We descended some four thousand feet to Cedar City. The music is Painted Sun In Abstract- Soundtrack The Social Network and Lord Inchiquin - Franco Morone. It was shot using a  Veho Micro DV Camcorder and edited in Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

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