Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 21, 2001 - The Rapture and Batman

With EIMB, I try to keep things pretty non-political or religious .. just concentrate on the fun stuff while the fun stuff lasts. However, the following was just too precious to pass up. I'm not so politically neutral on my Facebook page and I posted the following:
This Saturday - May 21st - is the Rapture. That's where Jesus comes down from the sky and raises all da good people to Him. Because I forgot to purchase a ticket and have a fear of being naked in front of strangers - I will not be going. However ... if anyone wants to join me .. I'll be spreading used pants, shirts, socks and shoes around the parking lot of churches .. just to freak out the Believers Sunday morning.
I guess this tweaked one of my religious FB friends who posted a serious reply .. but given the situation ..  kind of funny. So, I included a screen-cap here with names and faces blurred to protect the cynical and the religious. 
**Note - full image view if you click on it. ***
 No disrespect to Batman.
Of course, all of the Christians are starting to back-track this story. Now they're saying that it marks the beginning of .. the beginning of the start of Judgement Day.
 CBS Rapture remix ---> Judgment mash 
You can read a red one - backtracking synopsis of the May 21st event here ---> Judgement Day 


  1. Did anyone see the picture of the controversial billboard that was recently put up by another spiritual group near Family Radio’s headquarters? It directly challenges them about May 21. Here is a short video about it:

  2. Mayra . I have thought quite a bit about keeping your post on my site. I decided that it just barely fits with the topic and although I can't agree with your video, it does continue the discussion.

    However, I've got to say that this God is very silly for playing all these little games .. it's like peek-a-boo. I'm here .. no I'm not .. I'm here .. aah gotcha again.

    I like my supernatural beings to be straightforward and honest.


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