Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wish to send a special message.

If you wish to send a special message to Harold or anyone else at family radio .. go to their guest book

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Well, I think I've ridden this rapture thing to it's predictable end. So, unless something dramatic happens this is the last post concerning the matter. It was fun while it lasted --except for a couple of unfortunate consequences.

Apparently, many naive and delusional believers emptied their bank accounts and gave everything they had to this Harold guy and his group of bandits. The Family Radio Network will make millions of dollars for being wrong. This is the sad truth.

Even more tragic are those who committed suicide and/or murder in anticipation of the Rapture. This make Harold and his group responsible and complicit in murder.

I sincerely hope the law catches up with these puss- infested leaches and Harold and his gang have their own kind of Judgement Day.

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