Friday, May 6, 2011

Shapeways will Change the World

Picture from ChrunchGear
Mark my words (no pun intended) Shapeways is going to change the world. Now you can fabricate anything .. I'm starting to freak out right now .. excuse me.

A dude named Rossum fabricated a mini Atari 810 drive for his Atari 800 ---> Geek Systems

You can fabricate your own Strandbeest --> Crunch Geer

How Shapeways works ---> Bloomberg Business

I've already started a store front I don't even know how to use 3D software - but I'm learning. Please, if you have any cool Shapeways designs - send me a link.

Goto Shapeways


  1. Hey Kmuzu,
    Thanks for posting, what is your shop URL?



  2. Have not set up my store yet .. other than just the logo. Still trying to get my head around Google Sketchup 8. If you have a store front please send it to me and I will post.


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