Saturday, May 21, 2011

Waiting for the Rap .. Rap .. Rapture.

Screen shot of Family Radio (2:40 PM PST)
***UPDATE***  - it is now 6:00 PM central time and well, there's nothing happening here yet in Las Vegas .. not earthquakes or solar blasts or tornadoes - it's not even that hot or windy .. think I will go out to the garden and see if that damn bird is hanging around.


About 2:40 PM here in Las Vegas, Nevada and not even a little shaking or quaking. Now you would think that Vegas would be the first on the "hit" list with the Almighty, but the casinos are still up an running. Slot players are still frivolously pushing dem buttons and the buffets are still crowed.

I was at least hoping that an undead, floating Elvis would appear and do one last song. "Love me Tender" or "A Little Less Conversation." So, far even the Elvis impersonators are still in bed.

There was a volcano in Iceland. But there always is a volcano in Iceland .. Iceland is a volcano. Some young Spaniards are angry at something, but then again young Spaniards are always angry at something or another. Actually, its been a relatively quiet day on Planet Earth - knock on wood.

What does this mean for those who have given all their money to this church in anticipation of the Rapture? Well, I think you fell victim for the oldest trick in the book. To any problem always find where the money is.

As for me, I'm going to take a nap with a helmet on. You can never be too safe from a potential undead sinner scrambling up from the grave looking for brains. And then maybe a trip to Trader Joe's.

Huffington Post's ----> Live Rapture Watch
Family Radio - step back ----> We Make Money for Nothing - site might be down as owners pack up for small Caribbean island without extradition.

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