Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Patrol - The Raven

So here are some pictures from the garden my daughter and I planted in our backyard in Las Vegas. Take a look if you wish, but this post is not about the garden. It's about evil - flying evil upon a dark wing.

raspberry, bell pepper and the chokes
Strawberry, cilantro, thyme, and oregano
Purple thing
Take a good look at the picture below of the bird in the tree. I'm convinced this bird is the embodiment of evil.

That tree is across the street in a neighbor's backyard. When I come out in the morning to water the plants or to pull a weed or two, that black bird just instantly appears in the tree. I always look for it when I step out of the house and I've never seen it fly in or fly away.

But as soon as my attention has turned to the plants - poof it just magically appears.

And then it commences to stare at me .. stare at me with that one black button eye .. that dinosaur eye. The eye that came from a creature that was far larger and more intelligent that us mammals and would now rule the world had it not been for one unfortunate asteroid that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico some 65 million years ago.

Every time I go outside .. that bird appears and stares at me. What's worse is sometimes it makes an unnerving "caw" sound - "erreek wahh .. ereek wahh."

Supposedly the Raven in Native American lore is the trickster - like an American version of Loki. Great - just what I need.

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