Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tysabri: In for a Penny - In for a Pound

Tysabri Away!
Today is my first infusion of a new MS medication called Tysabri. It's kind of dangerous because you can die from a brain virus while you are on it. I'm told the odds are very low like one in a thousand, but to a guy who makes slot machines - dem are scary odds - especially considering I hit two royal flushes in one month. 

The infusion center is a basically a large room with a whole bunch of recliner chairs. An old Korean bomber pilot is sitting next to me telling a story how he fell asleep flying a plane from Phoenix to New York. He was awaken by one of the crew somewhere - lost over the Atlantic. They finally were able to get in touch with an air control tower but they could not find the plane on radar. Finally, he had to make a guess and turned west. They landed safely with the engines sputtering from lack of fuel.

I'm the youngest one here. Most are in their 70's and 80's getting cancer treatments. There's the typical variation - one friendly, cordial old guy (the bomber pilot), one grumpy old guy (arguing with the IRS) and one old guy sleeping and snoring loudly.

I have about another hour or so here. The worst part is the boredom. I'm glad I brought the netbook; at least I can get something productive done.

I hate when people have to do that loud, annoying yawn - completely opened mouth. It's the grumpy old man. Now the guy is talking loudly on the phone - about how his drivers are screwing him out of money. Why do you have to do your business here at the center?

This guy won't get off phone. He talks more than a teenage girl waiting in line to see Justin Bieber. Now he's called someone and describing how he read the newspaper. Describing all the things he found in the newspaper. I would have preferred the bomber pilot.

He's called his daughter. He's asking her if the baby's father is still around. Now he wants to take the father to court to get more money for his daughter. The grumpy old man is going make sure the missing father pays twice a week.

This guys is practically on the other side of the room and is talking so loud I can hear him clearly and so can everyone else. We are all giving each other that look like - get a load of this guy. And he doesn't even have MS just some of the markers for MS - they're loading him up on steroids. Maybe that's the problem? Steroid can kind of freak you out - especially if it's your first time.

Now the man has called a friend and is asking the friend if he will be a reference for man's son, who has just got out of prison and is in a half-way house. He's telling the friend that his son has repented of his dastardly ways and is now off drugs and working out.

I guess we all live lives of quiet desperation.

Finally, my infusion is over and I can step out of this room ... thank you for spending my infusion with me .. see you on the other end.

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