Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dilbert creator wants everyone to know he's a genius.

Mary Elizabeth Williams writes in Salon magazine that Dilbert creator and cartoonist Scott Adams has been publicly defending himself by using a "sock-puppet" or fabricated user named "plannedchaos" in public forums.
Mr. Chaos has apparently long been a fan of Adams; Gawker noted Monday that early this year, he was posting on Reddit that "It's fair to say you disagree with Adams. But you can't rule out the hypothesis that you're too dumb to understand what he's saying. And he's a certified genius." How fortunate for Adams there are people in the world not "too dumb" to understand the certified genius. It just happens that they're all Scott Adams. On Friday, the cartoonist admitted on MetaFilter that he and plannedchaos are one and the same.  My tie! It's curving upward in astonishment! - Salon magazine
This was all in response to negative responses Adams got from an article he wrote in the Wall Street Journal.  In that article Adams writes, ""women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently,"

I find it ironic that Adams has become the very creature he makes fun of in his comic. What kind of narcissist posts that they're a "certified genius" as fake third-person commenter? What is a certified genius anyway?

I've noticed this happens to some successful people. After a while they start to think that every thought that enters their skull is pure genius and must be immediately told to the world. That's when the filters and the self-examination disappear and the ugly little troll of a narcissist's personality is allowed to roam free.

So, congratulations Scott Adams for making a complete jackass of yourself.

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