Monday, April 18, 2011

Name the Baby Elvis

On Fiverr - A commerce site where people will do just about anything for five buck, there's a woman who will let you name her unborn child for five bucks. Of course I had to get in on it - so for five dollars I've requested the baby be named - (no surprise here) Elvis.

I will update you, my loyal subjects as events progress.

Picture of Brenda and her baby Elvis
Fiverr page - don't you suggest another name
Social Baby Page

**Note - notice the protective spirit orbs in the picture. This is going to be one special baby.


  1. Hey Kmuzu, This is Brenda :) I just wanted you to know I added a picture of you to our website...

    Take care and keep in touch! :)

  2. Cool .. I have rallied the whole kingdom to fight for Elvis


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