Saturday, April 16, 2011

Close to 10k

I've had the goal of reaching 10k visitors and soon that goal will be accomplished. I've been thinking about expanding this blog by encapsulating it into WordPress. This would give me the opportunity to create individual pages and themes; as well as offer other types of gadgets and features.

I've used WordPress before and I'm familiar with CSS and HTML; so I don't think it's beyond my abilities. However, the site right now is manageable and easy to update every day. My MS has gotten worse and so I'm not able to do as much.

All of this means, I think I'll keep the original format for a while and set a new goal of 50k. Maybe then I'll change up the formatting.

Thank you - all of my loyal subjects.

Ps. I've added Google AdSense and Amazon advertising. I have no hopes of making any money from this (although I appreciate any clicks I can get). This was done more for additional tracking stats than anything else. This site is still and probably always will be self-funded.

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