Sunday, April 3, 2011

SpongeBob and Google

Copyright Nickelodeon -"Fair Use"
So I was watching SpongeBob this morning and I swear I saw the Google Chrome symbol holding up SpongeBob's kitchen table. I tried to DVR it but it only taped the last part of the show. And yes, I watch, from time to time, SpongeBob with my daughter - but that's not the point. The episode title is A Friendly Game  ***NOTE*** At you can watch the entire episode, so I was able to get a screen capture of the table.

Copyright Nickelodeon - "Fair Use"
Google Chrome Logo
I tried finding a picture of it on the Internet but all I could find was another shot of the table from a different episode. This picture is from Speely.

Having watched many a SpongeBob I noticed that every once in a while the creators put in a Easter Egg - sometimes it's a reference to an old movie or some social commentary. In season 6: episode 4: Suction Cup Sympony - a sly comment was made about national healthcare.

SpongeBob:  Patrick, I think you should see a doctor.
Patrick: I can't see a doctor. My job doesn't cover health insurance.
SpongeBob: What job would that be?
Patrick: Exactly.

There's more to the Sponge than meets the eye.

All pictures of SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick and other characters are the sole property and copyright of Nickelodeon. Google Chrome logo is the sole property and copyright of Google.  I claim "Fair Use" in using these assets in this post.

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