Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby named Elvis - UPDATE

As you may know, the EIMB empire has sponsored the naming of Brenda's unborn baby. If it's a boy the name shall be Elvis and if it's a girl we have allowed the name Lisa Marie, after the King's granddaughter.

Recently spied of the EIMB have discovered there's an interloper to this most holy of competitions. Some dude named, Paul has purchased the right to name the baby Stephan. Stephan!!!

My loyal subjects, if you can find five dollars in your wallet, please use Fiverr to purchase another ticket for the name Elvis or Lisa Marie. We must triumph over the evil Paul and remove any statistical chance the baby be named - it's even hard for me to write - Stephan.

Please go and do the King's bidding .. go .. go forth .. go now.

Brenda's Fiverr site ---> Name the Baby Elvis
Social Baby site

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