Monday, April 18, 2011

Feds Fold Online Gambling Sites Over Fraud

 Although I'm generally against the government telling people how to spend their money, Online poker has many problems with bots, intercepto­rs, ring play and other cheating schemes. This is especially true in higher denominati­ons.

The only safe way to gamble online at this time is on sporting events and horse/dog racing.

The only reason the government shut these sites down is because there's no tax revenue going to the state or federal government­. 

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Bots - are players that are computer programs that play optimal play and work with other computer players to sway the odds.

 Interceptors - go between you and the casino and delay play or give information about your hand.

 Ring Play is a group of players that are in the same room giving confidential card information to each other to squeeze out other players.

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