Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dish Buster

According to TechSpot, Dish Network purchased bankrupt Blockbuster for $228 million in cash. I have Dish as my cable provider. I love Dish's programming schedule and the variety of shows it offers. And no I have no financial interest nor do I get any discount from Dish.

I wonder what new services Dish is going to provide now that it owns Blockbuster? I can only imagine that they're going to provide a service that is similar to NetFlix. Dish also has agreements with Logittech and Google TV and has SlingBox technology .. so a fully integrated and searchable program provider may be on the way.
Dish might use Blockbuster's online content as a base for an online product to deliver movies, but competition is only getting tougher in this space.- TechSpot
In any case, I think this is a great move on Dish's part. Can't wait to see the new features.

Dish Network Official Site
Blockbuster Official Site
SlingBox Official Site

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