Monday, August 8, 2011

Sierra Mountain Road Trip

My life is under construction for the present time. Here are some random pictures from the road trip I took. There are quite a few interesting stories. Being stalked by Marines training in the mountains was one interesting thing that happened.

Only saw one single wild horse. Used to see bands of wild horses and burrows on my way to UNR from Las Vegas. They're all gone now - sold as meat. You can thank our Former Republican Governor, Jim Gibbons, who sold off Nevada's natural treasure for a few bucks in his pocket.

This was the same ass-hat who beat up a cocktail waitress and threw his wife out of the governor's mansion because he had a new girlfriend. Our new governor, Brian Sandoval, also a Republican, seems to be much more friendly to Nevada's wildlife. 

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Death Valley Nut Company
Only one lone wild horse
It was like something out of a scifi movie
There was so much snow still on the mountains
Like something you would see in the alps, not California
Scrub Land
Right about now a fisherman is trying to tell me that taking photos is illegal
Three Brothers
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