Friday, August 5, 2011

NASA Juno Spacecraft Blasts Off On 5-Year Trip To Jupiter

I think we should all get used to the fact that human exploratio­n of space is many, many years away. My guess is no less than 50 years. It's not NASA's fault .. there are three major obstacles.

1) living in a small, close system for years will drive people crazy.
2) The amount of energy it takes to send, explore and return from anything beyond the moon is mind boggling.
3) The radiation in space is deadly and particles (and larger) zip through the spaceship and the astronauts like a laser beam on a cloudy night. Shielding technology just doesn't exist yet.

Robots are perfect for space travel. They don't get lonely, they don't have squishy parts and they don't have to get back home.

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