Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clown Motel - The Movie

I just got home from the road trip to my Aunt and Uncle's. I thought before I crash for the night, I would share the single scariest thing I saw on my trip through the high desert.

The Clown Motel on the edge of Tonopah Nevada. 

Living in Las Vegas, I have a few clown friends and I mean absolutely no offense. They are the funny, amusing, talented clowns. They bring happiness to the lives of children and those young at heart. Love those kind of clowns. I'm talking about the horror movie clowns .. the ones Stephen King writes about.

The Clown Motel is just like those motels you see in the movies. Tell me what child want to sleep with a clown? Remember the movie Poltergeist? And this isn't like Circus Circus, this is smack in the middle of scrub country.

If my father after driving hours through the desert and it was twilight with the lightning in the sky - pulled up to the Clown Motel and said, "Hey, kids let's stay here for the night while the storm passes."

I'd give him the middle finger.. not just no, but hell no .. I'd rather sleep on top of the rusty tractor near the town's cemetery than with a whole bunch of clowns with room keys,

I took many more pictures, including of few of lone wild stallion near the Sierra Nevada mountains. I will post all these tomorrow if I get the chance.

Good night .. muhhhahahahhahaaaa.

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