Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foto Friday - Super Super

 It's Foto Friday and still there is no logo and it's actually Saturday, but if I can do this quick, it will be done before sunrise. So it's still Foto Friday.

I am neither the creator nor do I own the copyright to any of these pictures. All presented here under a loose interpretation of Fair Use. I'm sure with a little research on the Internet you can find the original.

Always saw these is some small corner in Southern California
If Picasso painted Punisher
And Wonder Woman
Never believe something that you read on a small plaque

One reason I love dogs

Once you see it, Batman is never the same.


How I imagine myself at the airport
After I place the pictures, I always try to determine if there was any kind of subconscious theme. Definetly, there is a superhero vibe going on here .. with a touch of superpowers ..

 As I mentioned before, I found these on the Internet and have no rights or privileges to the material. If you know the owner or creator I would be more than happy to provide a link to the website.

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