Saturday, July 30, 2011

Consumer God

First please watch the video posted right below. It's short .. so don't worry.

This post is not going to disrespect the police. This post is about consumerism and obedience to the social structure.

It's my belief that we are slowly falling asleep and in this sleep we are cleansing all memory of what it meant to be awake and alive. When I saw this video, I wondered what is society trying to stop?

When the policewoman says, "We don't know what is in the lemonade." I'm thinking either you just don't understand the concept of lemons, water and sugar mixed together or you're inferring that there's something nefarious with these three girls. My question is - how the hell do you know what's in that powdered lemonade you buy at the grocery store? Have you looked at the ingredients? Which is probably more safe to consume?

I don't think the main motivation here is protecting consumers. I think the motivation is to insure complete obedience to the system. Understand the police were not responding to a complaint, but were driving by when they saw the lemonade stand. They had the option of just ignoring it. Why did they respond? What was it in them that made them divert from the easier path of just driving away?

The lemonade stand must have been some kind of threat to their authority. The social structure of the the guards and those who are guarded was disturbed. This was independence. This was going around the system. And there is only one system. The system says you are to be an employee and you are to used what you make for money to buy stuff.

To play by the rules, would require the children to pay $150 for the license and $50 a day in fees. Which means it's impossible for them to make any profit on the lemonade stand.

They could always give the lemonade away for free and ask for a gift of the price of the lemonade. But once again, we are telling our children that in order to be free and independent you have to cheat.

This is what really scares me about the trajectory of America. That there is no way, unless you are fully compliant with the system to survive, let alone thrive.

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