Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rocket Launch 2.0


March 27, 2011 - Las Vegas, NV

Today at approximately fourteen hundred hours PST in Las Vegas Nevada, the first successful in-rocket-video, model rocket was launched.

Code named: SkyTrax, the one stage, chemical rocket first went through several test launches. There was a major malfunction at the first test launch when the rocket guidance rod became stuck and the rocket did not escape the launch pad. A half inch hole was burned through the metal protection plate and the exhausts almost severed one of the launch pad legs. Minor repairs were made and the second test launch was prepared.

The second test launch went off with out a hitch and the rocket obtain approximately 900 feet. The parachutes deployed correctly and there was no damage to the rocket upon reentry and landing.

Although there was some minor damage to the engine housing ring due to exposure from intense heat from the first failed launch, it was decided the risk of this component failing was minimal and a full launch was ordered.

The Veho Muvi camera capsule was installed into the clear plastic nosecone and the rocket was set upon the launch pad and ignition systems connected. Last minute wind gusts almost scuttled the launch but the wind calmed down and a all-clear was given from WMC (Weather Monitoring Command).

Launch Commander Marc, inserted the ignition key into the rocket control console and the countdown was given. "5..4..3..2...1 - ignition". There was a short sputter from the rocket when the buttons were pushed but and instant later the chemical engine ignited and the rocket soared off the launch pad into the sky some 800 feet above the gleaming desert floor.

Six seconds of thrust and then the engine stopped .. the rocket glided for another five seconds before the controlled parachute deployments charge ignited, blowing the nose cone from the rocket and deploying both parachutes.

The rocket descended gently back to earth and was secured by the recovery team led by Captain Maddie.

All in all - a very successful day.

You can see the video from inside the rocket here.

*****END OF UPDATE*****

A new series of rockets has been produced and are ready for launch. The schedule for first launch is tomorrow at ten hundred hours. All rockets have been prepped and are ready to go.

Many changes have been made since the tragic mishaps of the first launch we ended in the fiery debris of the video transport rocket, The Magician. The new video transport rocket names, SkyTrax is shorter and broader with much studier plastic fins (The Magician had flimsy balsa wood fins).

SkyTrax also has a two parachute recovery system where as The Magician had only one.

The launch site has yet to be determined, the field we used for the first launch was a bit too small and young children became frightened - and had to be guarded closely by their helicopter mothers.

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