Friday, March 11, 2011

Elvis and the Earthquake

To all my loyal readers, the Mighty Kmuzu of the Elvis Order was feeling dizzy and nauseous all night long. And I went to bed early. About one in morning PST, my eyes popped opened - wide awake and I had to go downstairs and turn on the television. I just felt like something had happened.

MSNBC had this "Breaking News" - Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake. And the strange thing is my dizziness and nausea were gone.

I'm not saying that my mild stomach discomfort is anything compared to devastation and tragedy Japan, Russia and (soon) Hawaii are be going through - my hopes and prayers are with them.

It's just weird that I wake up just after the quake is over and had this urge to go downstairs and turn on the television. I knew something happened.

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