Monday, February 28, 2011

Commissioned Poem for EIMB

Oh loyal readers, I have commissioned the esteemed Poet Laureate of the EIMB kingdom, Gracie Smith to write a poem in honor of the mighty King of rock & roll, Elvis Presley. Although this poem cost me a king's fortune it was worth every penny and was so beautiful it brought a tear to this cynical eye.

So now I present to you for your reading pleasure the poem by Gracie Smith.

The moon is out shone in her nighttime fling
By florid lights upon the Vegas Strip
And our Queen hath not the glory'd bling
As does the King, his gold suit pois'd to rip.
Nostalgics young and old that do complain
“The techno age holds not the heart for blues,”
Get merciful relief as we reclaim
Our old-time swag; and don't step on those shoes.
And now, we find, the internet doth know
A place for lovers we of rock and roll:
As science freaks and gamer geeks we go
To our circle of most kindred souls.
As we look toward future flush with power,
We've Elvis here forsooth, tis now his hour.


Forgive me for I am quite verklempt.

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