Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Gods of Vegas

Before I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) I used to see ghosts. In the corner of my vision, shadow figures of men and animals - darting from the closet to the door or the from bottom of the window flowing down the wall and under the bed.

Man with Hat
The most common was the shape of a large man with meatloaf shoulders and a square hat. He would sit behind me to my right wavering in out an out.

Of course when I turned to gaze upon the creature it would vanish. So illusive these spirit beings are.

Then there were the elementals - flashes of light, orbs streaming across the ceiling, black spots - holes in the universe.

And the noises .. knocking and pinging and ringing.

For a long time I ignored that there was something really wrong with my brain. I was scared it was cancer .. I don't fear dying, but I do fear suffering.

My brain still short circuits from time to time. Like a computer with a loose wire or two. Little glitches .. here and there. My old friend with the hat and the ragged woman who perches in the corner .. The black bird by the window arrive in  my back-stepping vision now and then.

I take photographs .. because things still catch in my brain like a leaf stuck on the side of the gutter as the rainwater rushes past. I thought capturing it as a picture would help. It does sometimes.

Lately, I've noticed Little Gods along the side of the road .. in the deserted lots with old "For Sale" signs. Little Gods .. some taller than others .. mostly stacked stones but some with pieces of wood or plastic on top.

And not in just one spot, but for miles down the road. Little Gods here and there .. So I took some pictures of these immortal beings .. I don't know who stacks these stones or exactly why. I think they're guardians, either to keep the demons out or perhaps to keep the demons in.


  1. I have seen the rocks stacked too. Some times lots in and area. Always wondered why. Sorry to read about your visions, at least you have a medical reason for them.

  2. Thank you for your comment .. I wonder what those little statues are.


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