Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NBC Universal's New Logo Ditches Peacock

This is NBC's new logo after Comcast took over last week.  To me it looks like some fly-by-nig­ht university­.

So here is my message to Comcast:

Dear ComCrud:

I know you think you're creative. I know you think that design and layout are all made-up horse *&^%. But it's not .. really .. just cause you have an MBA and know a little bit about PowerPoint .. doesn't make you a designer.

I know your wife's 15 year old nephew said you don't need Photoshop or Illustrato­r. I know he said that CorelDRAW was just as good. But what does he know .. he still watches SpongeBob.

It's not just the color or that the letters are squished together .. it's the whole thing. You need to spend a few bucks and get a real designer .. and please don't listen to your secretary and change the font to Comic Sans.

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