Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bill O'Reily Teaches Science.

Now I usually try to stay out of politics. I know I've not been so good lately with my Ayn Rand comments but I just can't help myself when I hear some talking-head try to explain how God makes science work.

Case in point .. I recently came across an article in Urlesque called, " Bill O'Reilly Fails At Science and Becomes a Meme - You Can't Explain That!" It investigates how the now infamous "Explain That .. " interview exploded into a hug internet meme. And how it spawned a whole cornucopia of - Explain That posters.

What I find amazing is instead of backing off of his ridiculous comments O'Reilly doubled down in his "Backstage Conversation", saying that God placed the moon in Earth's orbit and that none of the other planets have moons .. not Venus not Mars. - I guess Mars technically has TWO moons not just one like ours.

Bill also questions where babies come from. Does he really not how a woman gets knocked up?  He also makes a interesting prediction that there is only life on this planet and no where else.

I think it's safe to say scientist are almost completely convinced there was microbial life on Mars

Here's what I think about extraterrestrial life:

  • There is microbial life on Mars now.
  • There might be life slightly larger than a microbe on Mars now.
  • There may have been life much larger than a microbe on Mars in the past.
  • There is probably life under the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa
  • There are probably a few intelligent civilizations in our galaxy
  • Microbial life travels across vast distances on meteors.
  • There is a chance for life that is not based on carbon and oxygen
  • Intelligent extraterrestrial life has in all likelihood never visited Earth.  - sorry, just don't think it's possible.
Read Urlesque article on Bill O'Reilly

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