Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snuggie is not a good fit

I was in the bathroom. It seems at my age that I spend a lot more time in there than I like. Anyway, I was in the bathroom reading the latest addition of Bed Bath & Beyond - We Love College. Why I was reading this is another story - one I will not tell.

I came across this advertisement for Snuggie. Remember Suggie? It was an infomercial rage a few years ago. The Snuggie is basically a fleece hospital gown.

This ad has some disturbing elements. Am I wrong but doesn't XXL stand for double extra-large? Is this an appropriate gift to give a female graduate? What exactly is the gift giver saying about the giftee?

Furthermore, what kind graduation gift is a Sunggie in the first place? As you can see in the ad, graduations happen at the beginning of summer, way too hot for the Snuggie.  I mean is it like: "Here's a Snuggie my Honey Pie. It's an XXL so it's sure to fit and you can use it oh - eight months from now."

"Great Dad; this is better than a car or a laptop could ever be."

I also noticed that apparently you're supposed to wear your underwear when going out in a Snuggie. I don't think this is advisable especially as you can plainly see in the picture the back is completely exposed. I can't stress enough that wearing a thong would be just as bad; maybe even a little worse.

To wrap this up - Snuggies are bad graduations gifts. It's better just to give cash. Everyone loves and appreciates cash. Snuggies are just bad gifts for any occasion - other than Christmas in Minnesota. Next, if you do wear a Snuggie, it is advisable to wear at least pajama bottoms underneath. Please don't go outside the house in your Snuggie. The Snuggie is not meant for public display.

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