Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take Me to the River: A poem in honor of EMB

The Mighty Kmuzu has commissioned a poem be created in honor and homage of Elvis in My Basement. The poem was written by the esteemed rhapsodist, Michael Nicholas Hunt. Enjoy my friends .. enjoy

Take me to the River
by Michael Nicholas Hunt

The Strip; Amazon of the desert
draining a rain forest of torrential light
In its psychedelic foliage, I glimpse
glowing, falling then floating down river
a glistening Sun God cape
and flaring rhinestone slacks
billowing in the funky heat
It pumps my adrenalin
like a camera flash

Juiced; I haunt the river bank
rolling dem bones in the jungle
chips rasping like crickets
gilded mosquito swarms humming
exotic birds chiming in

Compulsively I probe, push, and search
in a ritual of rolling sound and vision
It electrifies me with jolts
then shorts out
when bleary eyes
and a bitter taste on tongue
break my trance

And as I float away from the main river
with my headlights pointed for home
towards the dark desert
My radio streams to me 
Memphis Mississippi
Kissing cousin of the Nile
source spring of Cash and Kings
reaching out to me in the darkness

In my dark room
I feel as if I’m underground
groping for a light switch
searching vacantly
nursing a void
like I need to stumble blindly over
Elvis in my basement
and touch his regal mantle
as he rests eternally,
a Southern Pharaoh
in contemplation of afterlife

I would brush my hand over his chops
His lips would curl against the palm of my hand
He would clear his throat
and with an unmistakable Southern Huh!
The King lives

Copyright 2010 Michael Nicholas Hunt
This poem may not be copied, published or modified without the written consent from  Michael Nicholas Hunt. 

If you're interested in commissioning a poem from Mr. Hunt you can contact him through Fiverr at Balkanverse

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