Friday, July 30, 2010

I Got Smurfed

Planned for a 2011 release, Sony Picture presents the epic saga, The Smurfs - in 3D. I thought the Smurf movie already came out and it was called, Avatar. I mean those silly creatures looked like Smurfs.

In my generation there was nothing more hated and loathed than the Smurfs. Smurf were a mixture of a lawn gnome and demonic imp. They embodied cultural happiness to the point to extreme Xenophobia. As a species were comprised of all men with only one girl and command by a  Jim Jones character called Papa Smurf.

They lived in their own private clutches - kind of a "Blue Flight" from the rest of the intelligent creature of the land. Worse they had this kind of "Martyr Complex". The outside world was destined to destroy them. Smurfs were never proactive - for example, taking out Gargamel in his sleep.

Last but not least. the Smurfs were damn, pinko Communists.

I'm not looking forward to the movie and I will not be spending good American money on it. That is unless my daughter wants to see it ... then all bets are off


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