Sunday, July 18, 2010

The last word on Star Wars

I just recently watched Mark Edlitz's documentary, Jedi Junkies. What I liked about the film is Editz's has a fundamental respect for the people involved in Star Wars fandom. It doesn't try to psychologically over-analyze the subculture nor is it sarcastic or demeaning.

The film honestly shows the good, the bad and certainly the ugly of the Star Wars fans. Jedi Junkies depicts ordinary people who live Star Wars every day. The documentary shows compulsive collectors, including Edwardo Sanchez of Blair Witch fame, people who design and dress in unbelievably realistic costumes and film reenactments - the most popular being Chad Vader-Day Shift Manager.

Okay I am now going to slip into my own kind of geekness. Unlike the Star Trek fans who seem overly occupied with establishing some kind of management structure and then ordering each other around, Star Wars fans seem to be much more carefree. From what I saw it was like a SciFi Renaissance fair, if that makes any sense. Star Wars fans also seem adept at reinventing the genre. They don't stick so closely to the script - Maybe because the last Star Wars three movies (which are the first three movies) are so horrible.

Junkies is good fun and surprisingly imaginative. It makes you almost want to be a Star Wars fan .. almost. So I would recommend seeing this documentary. You can find it on iTunes (which is where I rented it) or

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