Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs - 1955 to 2011

Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple Computers and the innovator of the iPod and iPhone died yesterday at the age of 56.

This news has spread across the web, like a wildfire. Steve Wozniak Facbook page was flooded with condolences. I'm sure he's been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails asking for a response.

I feel kind of sorry for Woz. It wasn't like he and Jobs remained best friends. For a long time there was only room for one person in Jobs' life and that was Jobs.

Here's a quote from Steve Wozniak's Facebook page. 

I am in shock and saddened. The phone is ringing constantly and I'm overwhelmed with email and there is only one of me. The bother of all this gets in the way if dealing with my own feelings, so please, I need time to myself.
My first computer was an Apple IIe. I had that computer for about ten years. Today I have a small Apple laptop and iPhone 3gs. The phone itself is a 1,000 times more powerful than my first computer.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

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