Friday, August 27, 2010

Nice Wookie ...

According to, Adidas and Lucas are introducing a new line of fan clothing. My favorite is called the "Wookie" jacket. The jacket doesn't so much remind me of Chewie, the endearing pal of Han Solo and star of the Star Wars Holiday Special fame, but rather the type of jacket worn by the rebels on the ice planet, Hoth. It's just not that the jacket look great and comfortable - it has a "Wookie" logo in the Star Wars font embroidered on the right breast. No word if it comes with Chewie's ammo belt.

Normally I would be very hush - hush about this and wait until my very own jacket came in before I said anything. However, since I live in the desert (right now the temp is running around 110 fahrenheit / 43 celsius) and I'm hardly ever too cold, I thought I would throw out this friends who are true Star Wars fans and who probably already know about this jacket.

The next Star Wars clothing item I think is kind of cool but I'm just not cool enough to wear em -  "C-3PO + R2-D2" tennis shoes. Once again, according to, these Adidas shoes will hit the market come this fall/winter 2010. It is all R2-D2 on the left part of the shoe and C-3PO on the right. It's like getting two Star Wars in one package. The shoes are stamped with the word "Droid" in the Star Wars font. I think these bad boys are good enough to wear to church. 

Need more info?

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